Gregor Jotzu

Postdoc 2017-2023

Assistent professor tenure track, EPFL Lausanne
Email: gregor.jotzu (at)

Denitsa Baykusheva

Guest 2023

Mitrano Lab, Harvard University

Bo Yuan

Postdoc 2021-2022

Postdoc/neutron instrument scientist
McMaster university, Ontario/Ca

Ankit Disa

Postdoc, Humbold Fellow, Guest 2016-2022

Assistant Professor, School of Applied & Engineering Physics, Cornell University, NY/USA
Lab Website
E-mail: asd47 (at)

Meredith Henstridge

Postdoc 2018-2021

Research Assoc-Experimental, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Email: mhenst (at)

Alexander von Hoegen

PhD Student 2016-2021, PostDoc 2021

Postdoc at MIT, Gedik Group
Email: avonhoe (at)
Thesis PDF

Issam Khayr

Guest at MPSD in 2019-2020.

PhD student at University of Minnesota
Email: khayr007 (at)

Kenneth Beyerlein

Postdoc 2017-2020

Assistant professor at INRS in Montreal
Email: kenneth.beyerlein (at)

Biaolong Liu

PhD student, Postdoc 2014-2020

Staff Scientist, PSI, Switzerland
Email: biaolong.liu (at)
Thesis PDF

Tobia Nova

PhD student, Postdoc 2013-2020

ETH Postdoctoral Fellow, Quantum Photonics Group, Prof. Atac Imamoglu
Email: tonova (at)
Thesis PDF

Antonio Picano

Master student in Hamburg 2017-18 (thesis)

PostDoc at Collège de France / CNRS

Gunda Kipp

Master student 2019

Ultrafast Quantum Transport Group at MPSD
Thesis PDF

Young-Mi Park

Postdoc 2016-2017

Assist. Professor – Incheon National University, Department of Physics
Email: ymb (at)

Hubertus Bromberger

Beamline Scientist in Hamburg 2010-2017

Laser physicist at CFEL in the Controlled Molecule Imaging group
Email: hubertus.bromberger (at)

Omar Mehio

Guest at MPSD in 2016

PhD student at Caltech in Hsieh Research group

Zhanybek Alpichshev

Guest 2017-2018

Assistant Professor, Institute of Science and Technology, Vienna
Email: alpishev (at)

Enrico Pomarico

PostDoc 2015-2016

Senior Academic Associate UAS
Haute école du paysage, d’ingénierie et d’architecture de Genève – HEPIA

Roman Mankowsky

PhD-Student 2011-2017, PostDoc 2017/18

Paul Scherrer Institute, SwissFEL Bernina
Email: roman.mankowsky (at)
Thesis (PDF)

Sam Moore

Guest in Hamburg 2016-2017

PhD student in Dmitri Basov’s group at Columbia University
Email: lm2236 (at)

Wanzheng Hu

PostDoc, Scientist 2010-2017

Assist. Professor – Boston University, Department of Physics
Email: wanzhen (at)

Vincent Kemlin

PostDoc in Hamburg 2015

Lecturer at l’Ecole polytechnique, Paris-Palaiseau

Yannis Laplace

PostDoc in Hamburg 2012-2016

Assistant Professor, École polytechnique, Université Paris-Saclay
Email:  yannis.laplace (at)

Haiyun Liu

Beamline Scientist in Hamburg 2010-15

Strong-field and Ultrafast Photonics Lab, Institute of Laser Engineering, Beijing University of Technology

Matteo Mitrano

PhD student 2010-2015, PostDoc 2015-2016 in Hamburg

Assistant professor at Harvard Physics
Group website and contact
Thesis PDF

Stefan Kaiser

PostDoc + Scientist in Hamburg 2009-2014

Professur für Experimentelle Festkörperphysik Techn. Univ. Dresden
Email: Stefan.Kaiser (at)

Francesca Calegari

Visiting PostDoc in Hamburg 2014-2015

Leading scientist at DESY, Prof. University of Hamburg
francesca.calegari (at)

Andrea Caviglia

PostDoc in Hamburg 2010-2012

Full Professor, DQMP, University Geneva
Email: andrea.caviglia (at)

Lijian Zhang

PostDoc in Hamburg 2011-2013

Professor, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Nanjing University, China
Email: lijian.zhang (at)

Nicky Dean

PhD student in Oxford 2006-2010

Chief Editor at Nature Energy
Thesis PDF

Matthias C. Hoffmann

Scientist / Group Leader in Hamburg 2009-2011

Staff Scientist, LCLS Laser Department, SLAC (USA)
Email: hoffmann (at)

Michele Ceriotti

Visiting PostDoc in Oxford 2011

Professor, Laboratory of Computational Science and Modeling COSMO, Lausanne
Email: michele.ceriotti (at)

Stefano Lupi

Visiting Scientist in Hamburg 2010

Professor, CNR-IOM (Institute for Materials Manufacturing) and Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Roma „La Sapienza“
Email: stefano.lupi (at)

Cristian Manzoni

Scientist in Hamburg 2009-2010

IFN-CNR, Dipartimento di Fisica – Politecnico di Milano
Email: cristian.manzoni (at)

Daniele Fausti

PostDoc in Hamburg and Oxford 2008-2010

Head of the chair of Solid State Physics at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
Email: daniele.fausti (at)

Simon Wall

DPhil student in Oxford from 2005-2009

Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University, Denmark
Email: simon.wall (at)
Thesis (8MB ZIP)

Julia Stähler

PostDoc in Oxford from 2008 to 2009

Leader of the electron dynamiχ group at the Fritz-Haber-Institute in Berlin, Germany.
Email: staehler (at)

Stefano Bonora

Visiting Student in Oxford

Research Scientist, Instituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie (IFN – CNR), Padova, Italy
Email: bonox (at)

Rashmi Singla

PhD-Student 2011-2015, PostDoc 2015-2023 (thesis)

Amit Ribak

PostDoc 2019-2022

Jacopo Albergoni

Master Student 2020-2021

Eliza Cassandruc

PhD-Student 2011-2017, PostDoc 2017 (thesis)

Benjamin Mahler

Master student in Hamburg -2017

Jesse C. Petersen

Post-Doc + Scientist in Oxford 2008-2013

Paul Popovich

PostDoc in Hamburg 2010-2012

Thomas Garl

PostDoc in Hamburg from 2008-2010

Chris Simpson

MPhys Student in Oxford

Andrew Smerald

Summer Student 2007 in Oxford

Matthias Budden

PhD student 2015-2020 (thesis)

Srivats Rajasekaran

PostDoc in Hamburg 2013-18

Falk-Ulrich Stein

PostDoc in Hamburg 2015-2018

Giovanni Cotugno

PhD-student in Hamburg/Oxford 2010-2014 (thesis)

Luca Piovani

Master student in Hamburg 2013

Sergej Brener

Visiting Scientist in Hamburg 2009-2011

Henri P. Ehrke

DPhil student in Oxford and Hamburg from 2007-2010 (thesis)

Hartmut Hafermann

Visiting PostDoc in Hamburg 2010

Alice Cantaluppi

PhD-student in Hamburg 2013-2018 (thesis), PostDoc 2018

Cassi Hunt

PhD student in Hamburg 2010-2015 (thesis)

Ekaterina Moehr

PostDoc in Oxford 2012-2014

Vikaran Khanna

PhD-student in Oxford 2009-2015

Jyotsana Gupta

PostDoc in Hamburg 2011-2012

Alexander Zhura

Post-Doc in Hamburg 2010-2011

Ra’anan (Ron) Tobey

PostDoc in Oxford from 2006-2009

Seshadri Nadathur

Summer Student 2006 in Oxford