May 2024

Opening of the new Institute building in the Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld

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February 2024

November 2023

Superconducting nonlinear transport in optically driven high temperature K3C60
E. Wang et. al., Nature Communications 14, 7233 (2023)

MPSD press release:

October 2023

Resonant enhancement of photo-induced superconductivity in K3C60
E. Rowe, et. al. Nature Physics, published online 05. Oct. 2023

Nature Physics News & Views:

MPSD press release: by Ingrid Fadelli

May 2023

September/October 2022

Coherent emission from surface Josephson plasmons in striped cuprates
D. Nicoletti et. al. PNAS, 119 (39) e2211670119 (2022)


Terahertz light from superconducting stripes
What is it about? – Daniele Nicoletti

MPSD press release:

Terahertzstrahlung aus dem Supraleiter
30.09.2022 – Anomale Emission von Terahertz-Strahlung aus speziell geordneten Kupferoxiden beobachtet.

Spectroscopy Europe:

Terahertz emission spectroscopy from superconducting stripes

May 2022

Quantum materials out of equilibrium, Physics Today75, 5, 42 (2022)

(Illuminating materials with lasers can create intriguing magnetic and topological states of matter..)

By Martin Rodriguez-Vega, Maia Vergniory and Greg Fiete

March 2022

Nonlocal nonlinear phononics
Meredith Henstridge et. al. Nature Physics (2022), advance online march 8th

February 2022

Kurze Lichtblitze mit nachhaltiger Wirkung, Sci.logs 03.Feb.2022

November 2021 / February 2021

Nov. 2021

Licht kann Supraleitern auf die Sprünge helfen

DGN (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialwissenschaften)  02/11/2021

Feb. 2021

August 2020

Photomolecular High-Temperature Superconductivity,
M. Buzzi et. al., Physical Review X 10, 031028 (2020)

June 2020

Polarizing an antiferromagnet by optical engineering of the crystal field
Ankit S. Disa,et. al.,  Nature Physics 16,  937–941 (2020)

April 2020

Nov. 2019

Light-induced anomalous Hall effect in graphene
J. W. McIver, et. al., Nature Physics, 16, 38–41(2020, online 11/2019)

Nov. 2019

  • Materie gezielt durcheinander bringen; Neues Forschungszentrum mit Beteiligung der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft in New York eingeweiht. Pro Physik, 29.11.2019 (de)
  • Quantum tricks on demand; Max Planck-New York Center for Nonequilibrium Quantum Phenomena inaugurated in New York City. EurekAlert 29.22.2019 (en)

June 2019

Metastable ferroelectricity in optically strained SrTiO3
Tobia Nova,, Science, 364, 6445, 1075-1079 (2019)

Nov. 2018

Parametric amplification of optical phonons
A. Cartella,, PNAS published ahead of print Nov. 14, 2018 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1809725115

July / May 2018

Pressure tuning of light-induced superconductivity in K3C60
A. Cantaluppi,  Nature Physics, advanced online (2018)

⇒ MPSD press release (eng): „Light-induced superconductivity under high pressure
⇒ MPSD press release (de): „Licht-induzierte Supraleitung unter hohem Druck

⇒ Pro-Physik (de):Supraleitung unter Hochdruck

⇒ Elettra ‚top stories‘: „Pressure tuning of light-induced superconductivity in K3C60 (July 2018)

May 2018

Andrea Cavalleri elected member of the European Academy of Sciences (EURASC)

MPSD press release (eng), (de)

News info EURASC (eng)

March 2018

Andrea Cavalleri receives the 2018 Frank Isakson Prize for Optical Effects in Solids at the American Physical Society’s 2018 March Meeting in Los Angeles, California.

Interview with one of the winners of the 2018 Frank Isakson Prize for Optical Effects in Solids (Youtube)

MPSD press release (eng), (de)

February 2018

Probing the interatomic potential of solids with strong-field nonlinear phononics, A. von Hoegen et. al. Nature, 555, 79–82 (2018)

⇒ MPSD press release (eng): Good Vibrations feel the force, (de): Good Vibrations feel the force

⇒ Pro-Physik (de): „Was Kristalle zusammenhält

February-April 2018

Probing optically silent superfluid stripes in cuprates,S. Rajasekaran et. al. Science, 369, 6375, 575-579 (2018)

⇒ Perspective (superconductivity): Lighting up superconducting stripes, Emre Ergeçen + Nuh Gedik, Science, 369, 6375, 519 (2018)

⇒ MPSD press release (eng): „Superconductors earn their stripes

⇒ Pro-Physik (de): „Supraleitung mit Streifen

⇒ BNL news (eng): „Bringing a Hidden Superconducting State to Light

⇒ Material’s World (eng):Hidden superconductivity revealed

December/August 2017

Anomalous relaxation kinetics and charge density wave correlations in underdoped BaPb1-xBixO3
D. Nicoletti et. al., PNAS, 114,34, 9020–9025 (2017)

⇒ MPSD press release (eng): Scientists shine new light on the “other high temperature superconductor“
⇒MPSD press release (de): Wissenschaftler beleuchten den „anderen Hochtemperatur-Supraleiter“

Superconductor Week, Vol. 31, No. 11 (Dec. 2017): „MPSD Leads Study of SC Bismuthate BPBO“ (PDF) 

October 2016

An effective magnetic field from optically driven phonons
T. F. Nova, et. al., Nature Physics, 13, 2, 132–136 (2017, Adv. Online October 2016)
   MPSD Press release:
⇒ Light-driven atomic rotations excite magnetic waves
Lichtinduzierte Rotationen von Atomen rufen Magnetwellen hervor

July 2016

Parametric amplification of a superconducting plasma wave
S. Rajasekaran, et. al., Nature Physics, 12, 1012–1016 (2016), published online 07/2016
   MPSD Press release:
Manipulating superconducting plasma waves with terahertz light
Beeinflussung supraleitender Plasmawellen mit Terahertz-Licht News Univ. of Bath:
⇒ New behaviour observed in superconductors ⇒ Terahertzlicht wirkt auf Supraleiter
Controlling matter with light
Interview with Andrea Cavalleri in JPhys+ (a physics blog from IOP Publishing).

May 2016

Ultrafast energy- and momentum-resolved dynamics of magnetic correlations in the photo-doped Mott insulator Sr2IrO4
M. P. M. Dean, et. al., Nature Materials,15, 601–605 (2016)
   Nature Materials, 15,593–594 (2016), News & Views by Fabrizio Carbone:
A glimpse of spin motion MPG Press release:
Ultra-fast X-ray Lasers Illuminate Elusive Atomic Spins
Ultraschnelle Röntgenlaser machen flüchtige Atomspins sichtbar Press release BNL:
Ultra-fast X-ray Lasers Illuminate Elusive Atomic Spins

February/March 2016

Possible light-induced superconductivity in K3C60 at high temperature
M. Mitrano,  et. al., Nature, 530, 461–464 (2016)
   Nature Physics, 12, 202 (2016), News & Views by Jure Demsar:
Emergent phenomena: Light-induced superconductivity MPG Press release:
Superconductivity: footballs with no resistance 

⇒ Supraleitung: Fußbälle ohne Widerstand  Press release Univ. of Bath:
⇒ Scientists create laser-activated superconductor 
Physics Department University of Oxford – Physics Neswletter Spring 2016: Rattling the Cage: Making new Superconductors using Lasers
The Conversation:
⇒ Could laser-powered superconductors spark a technological revolution? 
Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), Volume 94 Issue 7 | News of The Week:
⇒ How Lasers Make Buckyballs Look Like Superconductors 
Neue Westfälische, 8. Feb. 2016 print – Physik: Fußbälle ohne Widerstand. Elettra ‚Top story‘, march 20th
Possible light-induced superconductivity in K3C60 at high temperatures
Superconducting Week 31.03.2016:
Max Planck Uses Laser to Raise the Tc of a Fulleride

July 2015 / August 2015

Spatially resolved ultrafast magnetic dynamics initiated at a complex oxide heterointerface
M. Först et. al. Nature Materials,14, 883-888 (2015) ⇒ see also News & Views by V. Scagnoli and U. Staub
   MPSD Press release:
⇒  Light-induced Magnetic Waves in Materials Engineered at the Atomic Scale

⇒ Lichtinduzierte magnetische Wellen in atomar maßgeschneiderten Materialien
Pro-Physik: ⇒ Ultraschnelle Kontrolle von Magnetismus 
TU-Delft, latest news: Ultrafast Control of Magnetism in Oxide Thin Films
Diamond Light Source – Science highlights: Breaking waves in a sea of spins

March 2015

Max Born Prize for Andrea Cavalleri „Born Medal and Prize for 2015 goes to Prof. Andrea Cavalleri“ – Press release Institute of Physics „Andrea Cavalleri wins 2015 Max Born Prize“ – Press release Merton Collage „Max Born Preis geht an Andrea Cavalleri“ – Press release MPI for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter

December 2014

Nonlinear lattice dynamics as a basis for enhanced superconductivity in YBa2Cu3O6.5
R. Mankowsky et. al. Nature 516 , 71–73 (2014)
   MPG Press release:
⇒ Superconductivity without cooling

⇒ Supraleitung ohne Kühlung
SLAC Press release:
⇒ Rattled Atoms Mimic High-temperature Superconductivity
⇒ Researchers Superconduct at 140 Degrees Scienca in rate:
⇒ Superconduttori a temperatura ambiente? Con il laser si può 

May 2014

W. Hu et. al. Nature Materials, 13, 705–711 (2014).   MPSD Press release:
⇒ A first hint of superconductivity at room temperature
See also:
⇒ CFEL Press release

April 2014

M. Först et. al. Physical Review Letters, 112, 157002(2014)   MPSD Press release:
⇒ Scientists Capture Ultrafast Snapshots of Light-Driven Superconductivity

See also:
⇒ LCLS Press release

⇒ BNL Press release

October 2013

I. Gierz et. al. Nature Materials, 12,1119–1124 (2013)   Max Planck Society press release:
⇒ Graphen kann Laserblitze abgeben
⇒ Graphene can emit laser flashes

March 2013

A. Dienst et. al. Nature Materials, 12, 535-541 (2013)       Max Planck Society press release:
⇒ Superwelle im Supraleiter Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf Press Release:
⇒ Light Tsunami in a Superconductor

⇒ Licht-Tsunami im Supraleiter

December 2012

The europian research network ‚Frontiers in Quantum Materials’Control (Q-MAC) wins one of the first ‚Synergy Grants‘ of the European Research Council (ERC). With Andrea Cavalleri (MPSD, Uni-Hamburg) as leading principal investigator of Q-Mac. ⇒ ERC press release

⇒ Univ. Hamburg Press release

September 2012

One of our images was chosen for the cover of the Physics Today September 2012 issue. ⇒ Physics Today September 2012   
→ original image by J.M. Harms

March 2012

A. Caviglia et al.
Physical Review Letters, 108, 136801 (2012)
   American Physical Society:
Viewpoint: ⇒ Ultrafast Phase Control in Oxide Thin Films
Research Highlights in Nature Materials:
⇒ Beaten to Action by Joerg Heber

March 2012

Andrea Cavalleri

Popular newspaper article about Andrea Cavalleri in Hamburger Abendblatt:
⇒ Der Rote Faden: „Ein Oxford-Professor im Schöpfungslabor“

March 2012

A. Caviglia et al.
Physical Review Letters, 108, 136801 (2012)
   Selected for American Physical Society – Viewpoint:
⇒ Ultrafast Phase Control in Oxide Thin Films by María J. Calderón

January 2012

M. Först et al.
Physical Review B 84, 241104(R) (2012)
→ more
   Press release SLAC:
⇒ „Shaken, Not Heated: the Ideal Recipe for Manipulating Magnetism“
Mar. 2012:
Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics –
Recommendated and a Commentary by Sunil Sinha (UCSD) ⇒ PDF

October 2011

J. C. Petersen et al.
Physical Review Letters 107, 177402 (2011)
   Press release Science & Technology Facilities Council:
⇒ „Extreme ultraviolet movies reveal inside story of complex materials

August 2011

M. Först et. al.
Nature Physics, 7, 854–856 (2011).
→ more
   Press release Max Planck Society:
⇒ „Resonanz mit Nachhall“  
Forschungsmeldungen der Universität Hamburg:
⇒ „Schwingende Atomgitter unter Kontrolle“
Press release Physics Department, University of Michigan:
⇒ „The Birth of Nonlinear Phononics“
⇒ „Ein Puls zwei Schwingungen“

June/July 2011

July 2011: A. Dienst et. al.
Nature Photonics, 5, 485-488 (2011)

→ more  
   „Controlling superconductivity“
Interview with A. Cavalleri, Nature Photonics, 5, 506 (2011) News and views: „Superconductors: Terahertz superconducting switch“
Marc Gabay & Jean-Marc Triscone, Nature Photonics, 5, 447-449 (2011) ⇒ Cover image of the Nature Photonics issue
June 2011: Press release Max Planck Society:
⇒ „Ultraschneller Schalter für Supraleiter“  
⇒ „Ultrafast switch for superconductors“
Forschungsmeldungen der Universität Hamburg:
⇒ „Supraleitung in Bruchteilen einer Sekunde umschalten“
⇒ „Interruttore ultraveloce per superconduttori. Impulsi terahertz possono interrompere temporaneamente la conduzione senza perdite di corrente“ (search for Cavalleri on this page)

June 2011

About Henri Ehrke in ‚diamond news, summer 2011‘:
 „The Ultrafast student“ (PDF)

⇒ diamond news – Update from Diamond Light Source Summer 2011
⇒ Diamond Light Source, Beamline I06

March 2011

Interview Deutschlandfunk⇒ „Schlagartig widerstandslos“ PDF*
American Ceramic Society Bulletin
March 2011 (Page 18)
„Superconducting, nonsuperconducting states of cuprates ‘not that different‘

January 2011

D. Fausti et. al.
Science,331, 6014 189-191 (2011)
→ more
   Press release Oxford University:
⇒ „Light touch transforms material into a superconductor“
Press release Max Planck Society:
⇒ „Lichtblitz bricht den elektrischen Widerstand“
Press release University of Hamburg:
⇒ „Laserblitz lässt Strom verlustfrei fließen“
⇒ „Impulsi laser infrarossi trasformano una ceramica di ossido di rame in un superconduttore e aprono una nuova strada verso un ampio utlizzo di questi materiali“

Sept. 2009

„Highlights aus dem Programm der Kondensierten Materie (SKM)“

„Plasmonen, Spinspiralen und Graphen“
Rainer Scharf
Physik Journal 9 (2009)

Seite 94

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