Max Planck Institute for the Structure
and Dynamics of Matter / CFEL

Building 900 (MPSD) & Building 99 (CFEL)
Luruper Chaussee 149
22761 Hamburg / Germany

Laboratory Bldg. 49b-002: +49-40-8998-6292


Renukha Singam
Room: 900/O1.066
Phone: +49 (0)40-8998-88100

Laboratories CFEL (Bldg. 99):

Michael Först (EG.031) +49-40-8998-86009
Michael Först (EG.039) +49-40-8998-86011
Michael Först (EG.043) +49-40-8998-86013
Prep Lab (EG.052) +49-40-8998-86014
Chemistry Lab (EG.054) +49-40-8998-86015
MBE-lab (EG.129) +49-40-8998-86057
Transport-lab (EG.131) +49-40-8998-86058
Cleanroom (EG.066): +49-40-8998-86026
FTIR-lab (EG.137): +49-40-8998-86059

Andrea Cavalleri

Director Condensed Matter Department

Andrea is founding director of the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter. He heads the Condensed Matter Department at the MPSD located in the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL).
He’s a Professor of Physics at the University of Hamburg and at the University of Oxford.

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Bldg. 900, Rm. 01.103
Phone: +49-40-8998-88101

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Senior Staff Scientist

Michael Först

Michael is engaged in the non-equilibrium control of electronic and magnetic order in complex materials through nonlinear phononics. This type of ultrafast structural control makes use of the anharmonic response of the crystal lattice to the resonant excitation of phonons by intense mid-infrared and terahertz light fields. Michael’s activities involve table-top nonlinear optical spectroscopies, time-resolved x-ray diffraction at free electron lasers, as well as the development of novel multi-terahertz pulse generation schemes.

Bldg. 900, Rm. 01.064
Phone: +49-40-8998-88105
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Staff Scientists

Michele Buzzi

Michele’s research mainly focuses on the optical control of superconductivity using intense mid-infrared pulses. Although his general interests involve driven states in quantum materials, he is specifically interested in organic molecular solids, where excitation of local molecular vibrations can directly modify the electronic interaction parameters and cause the appearance of exotic non-equilibrium states. To investigate these driven states, Michele develops and uses table-top ultrafast spectroscopic techniques to track the changes in materials’ properties induced upon photoexcitation.

Bldg. 900, Rm. 01.111
Phone: +49-40-8998-88115
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Michael Fechner

Michael’s research explores the interactions and dynamics within multifunctional materials using computational methods. In particular, he focuses on materials that exhibit a complex interplay of structure, charge and spin degrees of freedom. The aim of his research is to develop formalisms that explain and describe light induced materials properties.

Bldg. 900, Rm. 01.095
Phone: +49-40-8998-88118
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Daniele Nicoletti

Daniele’s research focuses on the study of nonequilibrium superconducting states driven by optical stimulation at infrared and terahertz frequencies. He is primarily working on high-TC cuprates and organic molecular superconductors, but his interests extend, more generally, to the optically-driven nonlinear dynamics in complex solids. To this end, he is combining a variety of spectroscopies and pump-probe techniques with the use of external pressure and strong magnetic fields.

Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.071
Phone: +49-40-8998-88120
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Eryin Wang

Eryin’s research focuses on utilizing on-chip ultrafast transport technique to study the electrical transport properties of different light-induced transient phases, which remain so far largely unexplored. In the past, he connected MBE-grown K3C60 thin film to photo-conductive switches with coplanar waveguide to probe the critical current behavior of light-induced superconducting state in K3C60. To this end, he is extending the ultrafast transport technique to the nonlinear region and to other light-induced phenomena.

Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.067
Phone: +49-40-8998-88127
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Kelson Kaj

Kelson’s research focuses on developing nonlinear optical methods, both single-pulse and multi-dimensional, to span the entire terahertz and mid-infrared frequency ranges. He is primarily focused on studying cuprate superconductors, but his interests extend to the wide variety of phases in quantum materials.

Bldg. 900, Rm. 01.107
Phone: +49-40-8998-88125

Morihiko Nishida


Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.079
Phone: +49-40-8998-88121

Susmita Roy

Susmita uses time-resolved Raman spectroscopy to investigate the non-equilibrium physics of elementary excitations in the light-induced superconducting state of organic superconductors.

Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.079
Phone: +49-40-8998-88123

PhD Students

Joseph Adelinia

Joseph investigates light-induced superconductivity in the alkali-doped fulleride K3C60 via ultrafast electronic transport techniques. The aims to probe on a picosecond timescale the nonlinear electrical response of the photo-excited superconducting state.

Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.065
Phone: +49-40-8998-88119

Ting-Han Chou

Ting-Han’s research is focused on studying the microscopic mechanism of light-induced superconductivity in high-Tc cuprates using time-resolved spontaneous Raman scattering.

Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.065
Phone: +49-40-8998-88119

Sebastian Fava

Sebastian focuses his research on the development of a very sensitive magneto-optic setup capable of probing the Meissner effect in driven superconductors on the ultrafast time scales.

Bldg. 900, Rm. 01.097
Phone: +49-40-8998-88109

Giovanni de Vecchi

Giovanni develops a magneto-optic setup to detect and switch magnetic fields on picosecond timescales, with the aim of probing the ultrafast magnetic dynamics of optically driven superconductors.

Bldg. 900, Rm. 01.109
Phone: +49-40-8998-88108

Hangoo Lee

Hangoo investigates the dynamical magnetic properties of high-Tc superconductors driven away from equilibrium by light. He employs and develops magneto-optical probes to study their magnetic response on ultrafast time scales.

Bldg. 900, Rm. 01.097
Phone: +49-40-8998-88109

Danica Pavicevic

Danica studies collective excitations in quantum materials using multi-dimensional THz spectroscopy. Her focus is on Josephson plasmon excitations in cuprate superconductors.

Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.074
Phone: +49-40-8998-88124

Maor Rosenberg

Maor is currently investigating „anomalous“ terahertz emission in charge-ordered high-Tc cuprates, which was unexpectedly found in the absence of an external bias or applied magnetic field.

Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.074
Phone: +49-40-8998-88129

Edward Rowe

Edward’s research focus is on developing our understanding of light-induced superconductivity in the organic superconducter K3C60 through the application of various spectroscopic techniques in the near-infrared, mid-infrared and terahertz frequency ranges.

Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.054
Phone: +49-40-8998-88112

Niloofar Taherian Hosseinabadi

Niloofar uses time-resolved second-harmonic generation to understand the non-equilibrium dynamics of high-Tc cuprate superconductors. She has developed a new multidimensional spectroscopic technique by combining this nonlinear probe with two mid-infrared excitation pulses.

Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.065
Phone: +49-40-8998-88119

Paul (Zhiyang) Zeng

Paul is currently investigating the possible control of ferroaxial order and coherently driven chiral phonons in condensed matter systems.

Bldg. 900, Rm. 01.109
Phone: +49-40-8998-88108

Yaozheng Zhu

Yaozheng combines the narrowband THz pulse generation and time-resolved THz spectroscopy to study the nonequilibrium physics in solids, with a focus on the light-induced superconducting state in organic K3C60.

Bldg. 900 Rm. 01.105
Phone: +49-40-8998-88106

Instrument Scientists

Emmanuel Baffu Amuah

Bldg. 900, Rm. 01.105
Phone: +49-40-8998-88106

Mariana Chavez Cervantes

Mariana’s research focuses on the study of nonequilibrium superconductivity in organic compounds using ultrafast electrical transport techniques. 

Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.079
Phone: +49-40-8998-88116

Master Students

Chih-Chieh Wu

Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.054,
Phone: +49-40-8998-88112


Thomas Gebert

Frank Schlawin

Visiting scientist at the MPSD, Young Investigator programme at the Hamburg Cluster of Excellence ‘CUI : Advanced Imaging of Matter’
Uni-HH Junior research group: Spectroscopy and Optical Control with Quantum Light

Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.037
Phone: +49-40-8998-88323

Albert Liu

Guest from Brookhaven National Lab, NY

Distinguished Visiting Scientists

Hideo Aoki

Emeritus Professor
Department of Physics, University of Tokyo, Hongo, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan

Electronics and Photonics Research Institute
Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8568, Japan

Visiting: June-July 2018

Email: aoki (at)

Roberto D. Merlin

Peter A. Franken Collegiate Professor of Physics; Professor of EECS
Department of Physics, University of Michigan

Visiting: July 2023, June 2022, July 2021, May 2019, May-June 2018, May 2017, June-July 2016

Email: merlin (at)

Abhay Pasupathy

Associate Professor
Dep. Physics, Columbia University in the City of New York   ⇒ Condensed Matter Physics
1307 Pupin Hall, Mail Code 5206
Phone: (212) 854-6335

Group Web Site

Visiting: Oct.-Dez. 2018

Email: apn2108(at)

Paolo Radaelli

Professorial Fellow in Physics, Wadham College;
Dr Lee’s Professor of Experimental Philosophy at the Clarendon Laboratory,
Department of Physics, University of Oxford

Visiting: April/May 2019, May-June 2018, October-December 2017

Email: Paolo.Radaell (at)

Carlos Trallero

University of Connecticut school of University of Connecticut, Department of Physics
Connecticut unit 3046, 196 Auditorium Road, Storrs, CT 06269-3046

Group Website

Visiting: July-Dez. 2023

Email: carlos.trallero (at)

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