Charge and spin ordered states are ubiquitous in the phase diagrams of high-Tc superconducting cuprates. A prototypical case is that of the so-called “stripes”. These consist of one-dimensional chains of doped holes separating regions of oppositely phased antiferromagnetism.

Recent experiments suggest that, while the individual Cu-O striped planes may be in a highly coherent state, in which superconductivity is spatially modulated, the stripes completely frustrate the interlayer tunnelling, thus inhibiting a 3D superconducting state.

Figure1: Schematic drawing of charge, spin, and lattice arrangement within a Cu-O plane (Cu blue, O red spheres) in the stripe-ordered phase. Holes form stripes (yellow) which separate domains of oppositely phased antiferromagnetism.

In our group, using photo-excitation with femtosecond pulses in the mid infrared, we have discovered that stripe-ordered, non-superconducting La1.675Eu0.2Sr0.125CuO4 can be transiently switched into a state which exhibits the optical response of a 3D superconductor [1]. The emergence of coherent interlayer transport at temperatures as high as 20 K was demonstrated via time-domain THz spectroscopy, by detecting a Josephson Plasma Resonance in the transient optical reflectivity [1,2]. In addition, femtosecond resonant soft X-ray diffraction, performed under the same mid-infrared excitation at the Stanford Linac Coherent Light Source LCLS [3], allowed us to identify the optical melting of charge order as the driving mechanism for light-induced superconductivity in striped cuprates.

Figure 2: Side view of a layered cuprate like La1.675Eu0.2Sr0.125CuO4. By photo-exciting such non-superconducting striped compound with mid-infrared pulses, it can be transiently transformed into a superconductor within less than a picosecond.

More recently, photo-excitation at shorter wavelengths has turned out to be an alternative means to remove stripes and enhance superconductivity transiently. In La2-xBaxCuO4, we have discovered a response with induced Josephson coupling above Tc upon optical driving with near-infrared light pulses [4,5]. This was systematically investigated for different pump photon energies [6] and in presence of external dc magnetic fields as high as 7 Tesla [7], allowing us to gain key hints on the interplay between stripes and superconductivity out of equilibrium.

Figure 3: Bilayer crystal structure of YBa2Cu3O6+x. Upon lattice excitation, inter-bilayer superconducting coherence is transiently enhanced.

The most striking results of our research on high-Tc cuprates were obtained on the bi-layer compound YBa2Cu3O6+x, which has a maximum superconducting critical temperature at equilibrium, Tc, of about 90 K. Upon photo-stimulation with mid-infrared pulses, which triggered large-amplitude oscillations of the apical oxygen atomic positions, we induced a highly unconventional optical response, compatible with transiently enhanced inter-bilayer Josephson tunnelling [8,9,10]. Strikingly, this effect could be observed all the way up to room temperature, with light-induced superconducting properties emerging from a non-superconducting ground state throughout an extended region of the YBa2Cu3O6+x phase diagram [9,10].

Figure 4: Temperature-doping phase diagram of YBa2Cu3O6+x. The region where the superconducting-like state could be achieved is shaded in yellow.

Figure 5: Transient lattice structure and vibrational excitation between two CuO2 double layers of YBa2Cu3O6.5

While optical melting of charge order seemed not to play a fundamental role in the case of YBa2Cu3O6+x [11], femtosecond X-ray crystallography has revealed the emerge of a new, displaced crystal structure [12], which originates out of equilibrium as a result of a nonlinear coupling between different phonon modes [13]. This atomic rearrangement might be favouring superconductivity at higher temperature, although alternative scenarios which involve a direct modification of the electronic bands within the Cu-O planes shall also be considered to explain the observed dynamics.

Additional studies, that make also use of newly available pump devices [14], are being carried out, aiming at pinning down the mechanism behind optically-driven superconductivity in YBa2Cu3O6+x, with the perspective of optimising this phenomenon even further [15].

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