Max Planck Visitors Program (MPSD Hamburg)

The Visitors Program offers research positions over time periods that range from a few weeks to two years in duration (up to three years for PhD students). Guest scientists can become members of research groups, work toward a PhD degree or collaborate with scientists at the institute.

  • PhD students
  • young postdoctoral researchers (as a rule, postdoc positions are limited to one year with a possible extension for a second year)
  • senior scientists for short-term and sabbatical visits

Feel free to contact Andrea Cavalleri for more information.1


International Max Planck Research School for Ultrafast Imaging & Structural Dynamics


Check online now to start your PhD soon.

⇒ IMPRS-UFAST website


Max Planck Graduate Center for Quantum Materials


The MPSD is participating in the Max Planck Graduate Center for Quantum Materials, check their website for more informations.

⇒ Application guidelines and selection procedure for doctoral studies.




1 We receive many emails from applicants that do not fit the job descriptions we advertise. We apologize in advance for not answering many of them.