Mariana Chavez Cervantes

  • PostDoc



Condensed Matter Department,
Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, CFEL

Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.0
Luruper Chaussee 149
22761 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: +49-(0)40-8998-88116

Short bio

Mariana's research focuses on the study of nonequilibrium superconductivity in organic compounds with ultrafast transport techniques. Currently, she is developing microstructured devices on chip which integrate a coplanar stripline with an alkali-doped fulleride K3C60 thin film. With this technique, she can study the transport properties of the nonequilibrium superconducting state upon optical excitation in the mid infrared.

Selected publications

Charge density wave melting in one-dimensional wires with femtosecond subgap excitation.
Chavez Cervantes, M.; Topp, G.; Aeschlimann, S.; Krause, R.; Sato, S.; Sentef, M. A.; Gierz, I.
Physical Review Letters 123, 036405 (2019)

Band structure dynamics in indium wires.
Chavez Cervantes, M.; Krause, R.; Aeschlimann, S.; Gierz, I.
Physical Review B 97 (20), 201401 (2018)

Ultrafast momentum imaging of pseudospin-flip excitations in graphene
S. Aeschlimann, R. Krause, M. Chávez-Cervantes, H. Bromberger, R. Jago, E. Malić, A. Al-Temimy, C. Coletti, A. Cavalleri, and I. Gierz
Physical Review B, 96, 020301(R) (2017)  
Tracking Primary Thermalization Events in Graphene with Photoemission at Extreme Time Scales
I. Gierz, F. Calegari, S. Aeschlimann, M. Chávez Cervantes, C. Cacho, R. T. Chapman, E. Springate, S. Link, U. Starke, C. R. Ast, and A. Cavalleri
Physical Review Letters 115, 086803 (2015)  

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