Alice Cantaluppi

  • PostDoc


Condensed Matter Department,
Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, CFEL
Bldg. 99, Rm. 02.055
Luruper Chaussee 149
22761 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: +49-(0)40-8998-6280

Short bio

Alice studied Physics Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and got her master degree in July 2013. During her master thesis activity she developed a broadband electronic bi-dimensional spectroscopy system in the near infrared. This device was used to investigate the presence of energy transfers in carbon nanotubes.

She joined our group in October 2013 as PhD student and successfully defended her dissertation "Tuning light-induced superconductivity in K3C60" in January 2018 (→ Thesis).

Presently, Alice investigates the response of the three-dimensional organic superconductor potassium-doped fullerides to strong resonant low-energy excitations. Using strong ultrashort MIR pulses delivered by an optical parametric amplifier and broadband THz-Time domain spectroscopy setup, she studies the evolution of the transient superconducting-like response under high pressure.

Selected Publications

Pressure tuning of light-induced superconductivity in K3C60
A. Cantaluppi, M. Buzzi, G. Jotzu, D. Nicoletti, M. Mitrano, D. Pontiroli, M. Riccò, A. Perucchi, P. Di Pietro, A. Cavalleri
Nature Physics, advanced online (2018) (DOI: 10.1038/s41567-018-0134-8)  
An effective magnetic field from optically driven phonons
T. F. Nova, A. Cartella, A. Cantaluppi, M. Först, D. Bossini, R. V. Mikhaylovskiy, A. V. Kimel, R. Merlin, A. Cavalleri
Nature Physics, 13, 2, 132–136 (2017, Adv. Online 2016)  
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Possible light-induced superconductivity in K3C60 at high temperature
M. Mitrano, A. Cantaluppi, D. Nicoletti, S. Kaiser, A. Perucchi, S. Lupi, P. Di Pietro, D. Pontiroli, M. Riccò, S. R. Clark, D. Jaksch, and A. Cavalleri
Nature, 530, 461–464 (2016)  
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